The 5 Points of Contact

1. The first point of contact between partners is the gentleman’s left hand held out in a position which somewhat looks like he is holding a beer. The lady then takes her right hand and places her four fingers...
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Your 1st Wedding Dance

I’m sure it would be a fair statement to say that your wedding day is one of the biggest days in most peoples lives and one that we want to cherish with fond memories through pictures, conversation with family...
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Sharon Meadows

I absolutely love Century Dancesport! I have had such a great experience there because of the studio’s great people-both instructors and students. It’s a great environment to learn to dance either for fun or competitively-everyone is very friendly and...
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Butch Lee

My wife and I both have different interests and hobbies, and dance has become a wonderful common interest for us as a couple. The environment at Century Dancesport is very welcoming and easygoing. Everyone on the staff, from the...
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liana Bravo

I had been a Century Dancesport student for the last 4 years, finding the studio and the staff has been giving me a motivation to look out for something new and exciting everyday, not just in dance but in...
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Bonnie Frost

Century Dancesport has changed my life. I was looking for a new studio to improve my dancing and was immediately impressed with their caring experienced staff. It doesn’t matter if you have two left feet or little more rhythm...
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New From The Blog

Auditions for Winter 2019 Show, Choreography By: Jonathan Roberts!

Auditions for Winter 2019 Show, Choreography By: J

Join us for Winter 2019 Showcase Auditions for  ...read more
Open House THIS FRIDAY, June 22 @ 8 pm!

Open House THIS FRIDAY, June 22 @ 8 pm!

Please Join Us for an Open House & Bring a Gue ...read more
BROADWAY SPOTLIGHT Wed, May 9! Come see our stars!

BROADWAY SPOTLIGHT Wed, May 9! Come see our stars!

Broadway Spotlight! A few times a year we put on a ...read more

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