Feature Teacher Festival Begins Mon, Mar. 27; 1st Festival Party on Wed, Mar. 29!

Feature Teacher Festival 2017Festival Days are Back! During the week of March 27 – the month of April, Celebrate with your dance family during 5 Exciting Weeks!

From Mar. 27 through the month of April, each week we will celebrate our dance family by featuring 2 different Century teachers in our “Feature Teacher Festival!” This will be a fun new way for students to get to know our staff better and get more involved with the studio, improve their dancing, take advantage of special offers, and earn points toward special prizes and events!

Read on to find out what it’s all about and see our full festival schedule below.

Benefits for Students:

– Get to know teachers you may not be familiar with & Improve your dancing:
During this festival we encourage you to take lessons or coachings with new teachers. These teachers can give you a fresh new perspective & our studio can get to know each other better!
– Build team spirit
– Have fun and party with friends!

How Do I Earn Points?

Students can earn points in many fun ways, from doing small thoughtful acts for your teachers to participating in studio events. See the point system below:

During Each Teacher Week:
– “Acts of Kindness” = 5 Points
Bring a gift, do a favor, write a letter/card, or any fun & thoughtful acts for the featured teacher
(max 10 points per teacher, per week)
– Attend a Party = 5 Points
(max 5 points per week)
– Bring a Guest to a Party = 10 Points (earn 10 points per new guest)

– Take a Lesson with a Featured Teacher = 10 Points per Teacher (max 20 points per week; must be taken with the featured teachers during their featured week)

During the 6-Week Festival:
– “Wild West” Wild Card Lesson = 20 Points

During Jessica & Alexandra’s week: Draw a name of one of our teachers at random. Earn 20 points when you take a lesson with that teacher whose name you’ve drawn. We will do this special drawing and announce the names drawn at our Wild West Party on Wed, April. 5! This is a fun challenge to learn something new with a new teacher you may not have danced with before!

Festival Teacher & Party Schedule:

Festival Overall Dates: March 27 – April 28

Featured Teacher Weeks:

– Week of March 27: Peter & Pascui
Party on Mar. 29: “P & P’s Kitchen!”

-Week of April 3: Jessica & Alexandra
Party on April. 5: “Wild West!”

-Week of April 10: Tom & Valeriia
Party on April 12: “Sports!”

-Week of April 17: Moses & Roxx
Party on April 19: “Cartoon/Emojis!”

-Week of April 24: Eddie & Kristina
Party on April 26: “Paris Love!”


Special Prizes!

Participate in our festival games, parties & events and earn special prizes…

Prizes TBA

The Grand Prize is a Night Out with our Staff! Party with our staff at a fun location TBA complete with food, drinks & more!!

Top Festival Student
The student that earns the msot points at the end of the festival will become our Top Festival Student, and will get the opportunity to plan the Theme Party of His/Her Choice, carried out by our Century Staff!


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