Join the Excitement of a Professional Ballroom Competition: as a Dancer or a Spectator!

Century Dancesport StaffIf you’re a fan of ballroom dancing, you will definitely want to check out a professional ballroom competition. When you attend a comp, usually held in a beautiful hotel ballroom, you become instantly mesmerized by the dazzling costumes and intense energy of the dancers’ performances. All of our staff members and many of our students compete on a regular basis in both national and international competitions. If you’ve never attended one before, here’s a brief run-down of the basic categories:

1. Pro/Am: In this category students (like you) compete with their professional instructors as their partners. There are multiple skill levels including Bronze, Silver and Gold.

2. Amateur: Two students train together as a couple and compete together. These dancers are not paid instructors.

3. Professional: Two seasoned dancers compete at the highest level for national and world titles. These dancers would be your teachers. You can view the professionals dancing in both Rising Star and Open categories.

Century Dancesport StaffIf you are serious about your dancing and you want to take your dancing to the next level, you may want to consider dancing in a Pro/Am competition with your instructor. In addition to the many hours of practice, there are other aspects of competition preparation you have to take in mind such as finding the right costume and shoes, planning to get your hair and makeup professionally done, as well as hotel, travel, and other costs. Your instructor can recommend the best resources for you. A competition is a serious commitment, but it can be very personally rewarding and a lot of fun! Dancing in our Team Match competitions is also a great way to get a taste of a full-scale competition in a fun and relaxed atmosphere.

If you simply want to experience the excitement of a professional competition as a spectator, there are a few upcoming comps we highly recommend watching. Several of our staff members and students will compete, so you may see many friendly faces on the dance floor and in the audience!

*Embassy Ballroom Championships: this competition will bring together the world’s best dancers right here in our own backyard of Irvine! Visit this link to order tickets:

Buy Embassy Ball Tickets

Purchase yours quickly as they sell out fast!

*Holiday Dance Classic: This Vegas competition is one of the most highly attended and exciting competitions to be a part of! Ask your teacher about competing or visit this link to buy tickets and cheer on your friends from Century Dancesport!

Buy Holiday Dance Classic Tickets

We also organize special events for our studio members to gather before a competition and sit together to cheer on our dancers! Ask our staff for more details about competing or attending a competition.

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