Personalized Programs Created Just For You!

Whether you are an absolute beginner dancer that is just looking to be comfortable in a social dance environment
like a wedding or work function we have a package for you. You may be a competitive dancer or a show performer.
Our highly qualified instructors can personalize your lessons to work on exactly what you need to shine.


Wedding Program
Competitions, Showcases and More!
  • Your wedding day is a day to remember always, so let us help you take your first steps on the dance floor as husband and wife. Whether you want a choreographed routine or simply want to look comfortable on the dance floor, we can help. Our creative staff can help you choose a special song and create dance steps to help you impress your guests. Whether a traditional slow dance, Swing or Salsa, tell us how bold you want to be! From private lessons to wedding dance workshops, we have several options and packages to fit your individual needs and budget.

    We can choreograph to your music

    We specialize in creating a dance for your special day to your special piece of music. Whether you would like to do a traditional Waltz or a modern Swing we are here to make your wedding dance as wonderful as every other aspect of your wedding. Even if you don’t have a piece of music in mind we can help select the perfect song for your wedding day. We will also take the time to professionally cut your music to the exact length of song you would like to dance to. All of our instructors are experts in assuring your wedding dance is the perfect dance for you.

    What you will learn

    What will you learn- We personalize every lesson for the individuals desires. Your first free lesson will be to establish exactly the type of dance you would like to do. It is then our job over the designated lessons to build a routine to meet your needs. Our goal is to make you feel as confident and comfortable with your wedding dance as possible. Whether you would like a very basic slow dance or a fully choreographed elaborate routine, we want to ensure you enjoy every moment of your dance from beginning to end. Book Free Consultation

    When should I start

    We work with all types of schedules and are sensitive to the typical overload a couple often feel directly before the wedding. Our recommendation is to start preparation 2 months before to enable you to really establish the muscle memory of your routine. However preparation for your wedding dance can be started at any time, we will work with your schedule.

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  • Social Program

    Work on your social dance skills to be ready for any dance function. Learn to lead or follow, add grace and style to your dancing and feel confident on the dance floor.

    Showcase Program

    Twice a year we hold a showcase in a theatre where many of our students perform with their teacher. Learn a routine choreographed especially for you to a specific song picked by you.

    Competition Program

    Competitions are held through out the year all over the country. Prepare for a competition with your teacher from beginner to advance. Book Your FREE Lesson Now!

    Team Match Program

    Team Matches are mini competitions held in house between 3 local studios. They are a great goal setter that anybody can be involved in. Prepare routines for the Team Match with your teacher.

    Children’s Program

    At Century Dancesport we are committed to educating the dancers of the future. We offer all the popular partner dances appropriate for our younger audience. Dancing is a great form of exercise for children and is also a great way to learn social skills in a fun, friendly environment. No partner or experience necessary.

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